Summary of the „Causa DVNLP“ final report1

NLP for Pimps, Pedophiles and other Female Gangsters

“Causa DVNLP“: Fascist-totalitarian lapses in a mafia-like naziesque German Psycho-Methods Association

by Thies Stahl, 18. November 2019

The DVNLP3 was founded by me and the other leaders of the three major German NLP associations4 in 1996 – initiated by me with the (meanwhile successfully reached) aim of becoming a strong unified professional field.

In the years 2009 to 2011 a resource person (assistant) in my master practitioner seminar, XY, nowadays a trainer and coach in the DVNLP, abused a female participant in one of my seminars. I did not notice his severe Jekyll & Hyde dissociation (violence against women) during the seminar.

After the seminar was finished I dated the complainant and she told me bit by bit about the violence that was inflicted on her in her life since she was two years old by her mother and several other family and non-familiy perpetrators and in the background of my master course by the assistant. She had asked him for help in escaping from that perpetrators system but he then became part of it.

She decided to file a complaint against that assistant and I as the initiating founder and first German honorary member of the DVNLP decided to support her. But her complaint was not handled by the association committees, suppressed by the board members and hushed up in the DVNLP. They argued that they did not want to have a new Sex ’n’ Crime story in NLP since luckily people have forgotten the entanglement of Richard Bandler into the murder of Corine Christensen.

„The board of the DVNLP administered a complete perpetrator/victim exchange against the complainant“:

  • They excluded her from all communications with the association committees responsible for her case. Legal chicanery and trickery have played a significant part in this performed by the chairman Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, a lawyer himself, and his former fellow student, the DVNLP lawyer. Both mafialike acting5 lawyers secretly collaborated with the lawyer of the assistant XY against the complainant and me. The lawyer of two other DVNLP members – also a former fellow student of the DVNLP chairman Dr. jur. Jens Tomas – which were also accused by the complainant as abusers and perpetrators joined the conspirative cooperation of the lawyers of the DVNLP and XY.
  • Although being members of the DVNLP „fully authorized to vote“ the complainant and I were excluded from that general meeting in 2014 by five muscular men a one women of a security service which had been hired by the board especially for us and „acted in a physically violent way“.
  • „The members of the board manipulated, cheated and betrayed that general meeting during our physical forced absence“. This was not only vigilante justice but also a mob justice since the security and some members inflicted violence on us – in throwing us out the complainant actually fell on her face in front of the entrance door.
  • The board managed it to persuade the betrayed and deceived members to pass an „Enabling Act“ by which the general meeting authorized the board members to take all necessary actions against the complainant and me in excluding us from the association.
  • Also, in that meeting the board conducted a „drumhead court-martial“ in which they committed character assassination against her person. They sentenced her to be guilty of false accusations against the abuser XY and portrayed her as a „kinky-sicko“ nuts woman – like they did with Corine Christensen in 1897.
  • Finally, the three lawyers of the DVNLP, the abuser XY and of two of the other abusers worked conspiratively together to manage an „elimination“ of the complainant by a „Final Solution“.6

Simultaneously the convicted abuser and suspected rapist XY was supported illegally (since violating the articles of the DVNLP) by the DVNLP officials and members Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, Cora Besser-Siegmund and Stephan Landsiedel by a clandestine operation: Hidden from the DVNLP members until today they misappropriated confidential materials from the DVNLP and provided it to XY for using it in his trial against me. XY had sued me for adopting and appropriating the accusations of the complainant against him. Although knowing that XY is a abuser those DVNLP members decided to support him against me which means essentially they supported him against the complainant.

The complainant had filed complaints against several male and female DVNLP trainers and coaches claiming that they abused her by an unethical mingling of their roles: being her male or female trainer, therapist and coach and simultaneously her male or female client for sexual services. I wanted the DVNLP to change their Code of Conduct and Ethics to include a commandment of abstinence like many schools of psychotherapy have it.

The criminal misconduct of the DVNLP is twofold: Firstly the DVNLP has robbed the membership rights of the complainant and infringed her human rights. And secondly, although the board knew the fact that the complainant managed to escape – as a willing to confess principal witness at her age of 38 in 2011 – a pedophile system of perpetrators inside of which she and her children have been exploited sexually and although they knew that XY has become part of that system, they dropped the presumption of innocence with respect to the two of them and protected XY who walks around unscathed and unpunished as a NLP and Wingwave trainer and coach in the DVNLP and in the CNLC.

But the biggest shame for the DVNLP board is to have worked together with the perpetrators system in trying to psychiatrize the complainant. Both parties wanted to get rid of her. Luckily I was able to prove that DVNLP officials together with the perpetrators system managed to fake internal notes in the files of the police which a psychiatrist (for a routine assessment of her criminal responsibility) used in a lawsuit which the Public Prosecutor filed against the complainant thinking she committed libel and slander against XY. After the court stop proceedings her expert opinion is locked away. But since the perpetrators tried to get hold of it the complainant decided to publish it to make it worthless for pedocriminals. It is worthless for them also because I was able to prove in an article about that expert opinion that it is either really stupid or artfully made up to pretend to be stupid – or that she was payed by the perpetrators in order to prove the complainant to be an ill and delusional woman who places false accusations. So I was able to block this psychiatrization attack executed as a joint venture of the pedocriminals inside and outside the DVNLP. This attack was – in terms of a Folie á deux – also directed by the DVNLP board members against me. My final report shows that the complainant is not mad and nuts, nor am I. The DVNLP is.

  1. The final report („Der ‚Causa DVNLP‘-Abschlussbericht“) is to be found on
  2. (This footnote belonged to the old title of the report: Certificate Deceptions. Abuses. Human Rights Violations. Rogue Association DVNLP – The banality of evil in the fascistic-totalitarian misconduct of a German psycho-methods association.) „Banality of evil“ is a term coined by Hannah Arendt when describing the Eichmann Trial in Israel (see
  3. See
  4. See „NLP-Assoziationen“.
  5. That is proved in the final report and not denied by the DVNLP.
  6. All quotes printed in italics come from three statements of the courts „Landgericht Hamburg“ and „Landgericht Berlin“. These statements and the other necessary documents are linked to from the footnotes in the „Causa DVNLP“ final report.