Dirty information policy of the DVNLP

Dirty information policy of the DVNLP

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The mendacious DVNLP board lets its member Ralf Dannemeyer, responsible for press and public relations, use his privately operated 12,259 readers NLP-Internetforum1 to disinform the public in a perfidious way.

After a forum participant had pointed out to him the lack of a DVNLP statement about this associations discussion with me, Dannemeyer wrote on 25.09.2019 in his NLP guerilla marketing forum:

„The matter has been or is the subject of several legal disputes, investigations by the criminal prosecution authorities, a psychiatric report and – above all – the character assassination and mental injury of several colleagues and seminar participants within the NLP scene. For this reason, this will not be discussed here any more, so that the online dynamic does not again cause more damage than anyone would inform you. … Should you take up the topic again, I will exclude you from this forum.“2

Mr. Dannemeyer, after all a trained journalist, knows of course very well that such lines create an image of the „Causa DVNLP“ among the readers, which has nothing to do with reality. I have described this reality in detail here:

 „walkable“ presentation

And also here in NLP for Criminals – „Causa DVNLP“: Mafia, Stasi and Nazi Methods in  German NLP


The DVNLP executive board is still too cowardly to publish a statement corresponding to the truth.

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