The „Cause DVNLP“ Perpetrators

German Version

Perpetrators in the DVNLP internal groups or subsystems

  1. Perpetrators of coercion, abuse and violence in the DVNLP Master (lead by Thies Stahl), in the DVNLP coaching training (lead by Martina Schmidt-Tanger and Thies Stahl) and in the DVNLP trainer training (lead by Stephan Landsiedel and Carlos Salgado): XY, SM, the „NLP-Professional“-colleague of Martina Schmidt-Tanger and Dr. jur. Jens Tomas, Petra P. (PP), AK, DK, OA and Leo Buchholz (LB).
  2. Manipulators/Deceivers of the 2014 general meeting (traitors to the sovereign of the DVNLP): AK, the „NLP-Professional“-trainers Martina Schmidt-Tanger (MST), Jens Tomas (DJT) and SM, Anita von Hertel (AvH), Franz-Josef Hücker (FH), Petra P. (PP), Leo Buchholz (LB) and, by reason of her knowledge and silence, YZ, the then speaker of the DVNLPt section of the DVNLP.
  3. Character assassins who, as „character witnesses“, abused their DVNLP offices in the XY./.Stahl trial: KA, DK, AK, Petra P. (PP), Martina Schmidt-Tanger (MST), Jens Tomas (DJT), Cora Besser-Siegmund (CBS), Stephan Landsiedel (SL) and Carlos Salgado (KS).
  4. Liarists in the DVNLP internet forums: AK, KA, DK, Eckhard Padberg (EP), Ralf Dannemeyer (RD) and Berend Hendriks (BH).

Perpetrators among the DVNLP functionaries and honorarians

MST Martina Schmidt-Tanger (Senior Member of the DVNLP Education and Training Commission, DVNLP Honorary Member)

DJT Dr. jur. Jens Tomas (in 2014 DVNLP chairman, today DVNLP honorary member)

CBS Cora Besser-Siegmund (current DVNLP honorary member)

AvH Anita von Hertel (spokeswoman of the DVNLP Expert Group Mediation)

PP Petra P. (in 2014 spokeswoman of the DVNLP Regional Group Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein)

YZ The then speaker of the DVNLPt section of the DVNLP, from 2005 to 2010 supervisor and coach of the complainant

LB Leo Buchholz (now DVNLP Board Member)

RD Ralf Dannemeyer (now DVNLP Board Member and DVNLP Honorary Award Winner)

FH Franz-Josef Hücker (now DVNLP honorary member)

SL Stephan Landsiedel (now DVNLP honorary prize winner)

BH DVNLP Managing Director Berend Hendriks (BH) – not a DVNLP member, but still within the DVNLP, therefore represented twice

XY The former DVNLP Mastergroup assistant and today’s DVNLP Teaching Trainer XY belonged, as proven abuser and suspected sex offender who was providind sex services to DVNLP officials and members, to all four DVNLP subsystems listed above. The association lawyers Harms and Dr. G. covertly cooperated with the lawyer of XY against the complainant who had not been heard in the DVNLP. This was done on behalf of and mediated by Dr. jur. Jens Tomas and his board, Martina Schmidt-Tanger, Petra P., Stephan Landsiedel, Leo Buchholz, AK, KA and DK.

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